The Chatfor10 Pilot Program


Chatfor10 is a language learning  activity within Chatloop. The learner connects to a partner and chooses a topic to talk about.

They talk about that topic for ten or so messages, sending just one or two messages a day, at a time that’s convenient for them.

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The Pilot Program

The Chatfor10 pilot program began in October 2017. We used WhatsApp for the text messages, a spreadsheet to manually manage all the connections, and a chatbot in Facebook Messenger to train the volunteers.

Because we were managing all the behind-the-scenes stuff manually, there was a limit to how many learners and volunteers we could accomodate in the pilot program.

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We’ve had volunteers join us from 14 different countries. 


We’ve had refugees join us from 7 countries of origin, and currently living in 6 different countries.

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They’ve completed over 900 Chatfor10s.

Completed Chatfor10s

On average, each learner has completed 11.7 Chatfor10s, and our most outstanding learner has  completed over 75 Chatfor10s!

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The Chatfor10 pilot volunteer partners have also been prolific. 

73% have done at least 5 Chatfor10s.

56% have done at least 10 Chatfor10s.

And 75% of them are still actively volunteering!

To be able to help someone’s by just sending a few messages is brilliant, I get to feel I am making a difference.
— Sue B.

These results have shown that the Chatfor10 concept works, and has convinced us to build a Chatloop app,  so there is no longer a limit on the  number of people who can do Chatfor10.

Pre-register as a Chatloop volunteer to be in the first volunteer intake when the app is released.