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Chatloop is a mobile app that connects refugees with volunteers for convenient language practice through text and audio messages.


How Chatloop works



Chatloop will find a partner for the learners and connects them automatically. The connection is friendly yet maintains privacy. The partners are trained, and can come from all over the world, giving the learners the chance to learn about other cultures as well.

Do an Activity

Language is learned best by doing, and Chatloop provides learners with structured communicative activities for the learners and partners to do together. The activities are suitable for learners of almost all proficiency levels. We’ve piloted the activities Chatfor10 and 20 Questions, and we’ve got many more activities in the pipeline.


These activities can last for days, even weeks, because the learners and partners only send one or two messages a day, when they have a spare moment. But when the activity is finished, the learner is connected to another partner almost immediately, for another activity. This way, the learner gets a constant drip-feed of language practice.

I think helping others is important, and love helping people that are motivated to help themselves. I do volunteer type stuff from time to time but find it hard to lock into something meaningful that is also accessible. Chatloop sounds perfect.
— Andrea L.
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Each refugee is assigned a tutor,  who monitors every activity and provides support to the learners  and partners.

Refugees are some of the most vulnerable members of our community who deserve love and support. I would love to help them in any way I can, and give them confidence to speak in English.
— Meagan

Where to Get Chatloop

The Chatloop app is currently under development.

When the Chatloop app is ready, you’ll be able to download it from the App Store and Google Play.

Pre-register as a Chatloop volunteer to be in the first Chatloop volunteer intake when the app is released.