Volunteer With Chatloop

A friend suggested that this could be a good way for me to volunteer. I like the idea of helping and being busy this seems like a great way to fit it into my schedule.
— Joanne

Many people desperately want to help the less fortunate, but are unable to carve a chunk of time out of their busy lives.

Chatloop lets you help others, without needing to adjust your schedule or reach for your wallet.

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Language Proficiency

You don’t have to be a native speaker of the language being learned, but we do require a high proficiency (for example, CEFR C1 or higher). In addition to chatting with your partners, you’ll also need to be able to correct your partner’s language, which requires high proficiency in that language.



All Chatloop volunteers must complete the initial Chatloop training before they can be partnered with a learner. The training is provided in-app, it is self-paced, and takes about 30 minutes in total. The training helps you be a better partner for language learning, and it also helps you be sensitive towards the difficult circumstances refugees and people seeking asylum have faced or are currently facing.

There are also opportunities for further training, feedback, and the possiblilty of taking on volunteering roles with greater responsibility.


Response TIme

Chatloop encourages its language learners to develop the habit of practicing communicating a little bit every day. 

For learners to develop this habit, they need something new to reply to every day.

So, during an activity, we require volunteers to reply to their partners within 24 hours. We do recognise, however, they sometimes real life situations can get in the way.



Chatloop volunteers will have downtime between Chatloop activities, and they can take a break from Chatloop if they need to (health, holiday etc).

Cancelling an ongoing Chatloop activity is something that should be avoided, so we request that, where possible, volunteers complete any ongoing activities before they take a break.



Chatloop volunteers will, at times, have delicate cross-cultural conversations with individuals who may have experienced trauma and torture.

This requires a degree of maturity, so the minimum age for Chatloop volunteers is 18.

I want to volunteer because I had always the willingness to help others, but sometimes I found no time or money to do it. So Chatloop seems to be the perfect option because it is reachable for me and useful for the refugees.
— Karla D.

Want to Give Chatloop a Go?

Do you meet the requirements? Pre-register as a Chatloop volunteer to be in the first volunteer intake when the app is released.